How to Fish DOA Shrimp

DOA Shrimp



The D.O.A. shrimp is special because of its simplicity. It is was designed to have a simple yet effective action. The shrimp is weighted to stay upright when falling no matter what angle or speed you twitch the rod.

The shrimp can be fished 5 or 6 different ways at various speeds ranging from super fast to a crawl. The D.O.A. shrimp is productive using various techniques, but it was designed to be fished slow. When using a slow retrieve it is very effective to pop the shrimp up using a very subtle straight pop with the rod, then allow the shrimp to fall and sit on the bottom for 3-5 seconds . As the shrimp falls you will see all the individual legs twitch independently just like a real shrimp. At this point, you need to be ready because the majority of strikes occur on the fall. Your line will slowly start to have slack. Lower the rod at the same pace as the fall and start slowly reeling in your slack. Be careful not to reel the slack in too fast, you don’t want to affect the fall of the shrimp. When you feel the strike, set the hook!

Fishing Weedless

Even though the shrimp doesn’t appear weed less, it is very effective even in heavy grass flats. The trick is to use a faster pop to shed the grass, but allow the shrimp to fall at the same slower speed you normally would use.

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