Fishero's Inshore Report - November 2015 - Moonlighting for Redfish

Fishero's Inshore Report

Moonlighting for Redfish

The heat of the summer is starting to slip away as the cooler fall weather starts to settle in. Paired with the cooler temps are blustery conditions that can churn up the water and make sight fishing difficult, however fishing remains fantastic! Breeder redfish are still schooled up, hungry and hitting a wide variety of bait and lures. Though, during these windy conditions live bait may be a more productive offering. As the temps are expected to fall in the next few weeks the trout fishing is sure to impress, top water in the morning switching to soft plastics as the day warms up will likely fill a cooler. Once again, live bait may intrigue more fish when the water is murky and the surface is choppy. Use Google Earth in conjunction with weather apps to locate your fishing grounds and let the wind work for you. The night bite before and after the full moon has been superb for redfish of all sizes, find the bait schools – find the fish! The snook are still congregating under and around structure and are willing to eat. A Grandslam Baits shrimp tail or eel with a weighted weedless hook is my go-to snook annihilator, but they will destroy nearly any live bait so long as its twitching.

Enjoy this beautiful Florida fall weather, get out there and catcha-feesh!!!

Captain Matt Cicero, Fishero Adventures


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I am Captain Matt Cicero of Fishero Adventures, I have a deep passion for fishing that began long ago in the spill ways, inlets and inshore waters of South Florida. When I was little my dad and I would wake up early, grab our poles, boxes and buckets and head for the shore line. I hold these memories very close to me as they've shaped who I am. Now I enjoy providing some of the same experiences that made me fall in love with this sport and way of life to others. Currently, I guide from the inshore waters of New Smyrna down to Titusville and the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, specializing in flats fishing and night charters for bull redfish, trout, snook and black drum. The truth is, you never know what you're going to see on the water and that's just one thing that makes this sport so amazing to me.

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